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Liability Insurance

Public Liability & Comprehensive, General Liability, Product Liability

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Why Liability Insurance?

Liability Insurance Somewhere along the human life time, on many an occasion, each of us tends to be a little careless and negligent due to reasons best left alone and unexplainable!

As responsible citizens and residents of UAE, we are all liable for the damages caused by our careless, negligent acts.

Liability can arise from either of the following:

  • By Tort/Common law/Sharia law – meaning – liability arising out of negligence (the simple road accident – motor car liability)
  • By Statute – meaning – liability arising out of a provision in a law (employer held liable under labour law)
  • By Contract – meaning – liability arising out of failure to abide or inadequate performance as per the signed and agreed contract

Broadly classified, liability arises from:

  • Premises owned, occupied or used
  • Products manufactured, sold or distributed
  • Services rendered (including employee negligence)

The impact of enduring liability can be quite damaging. It could shake the very foundation of business and individual financial stability.

At ANIB, we facilitate a wide range of reliable solutions to make our clients breathe easy.

What solutions do you get from Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers?

Cover is arranged for:

  • Compensation in respect of legal liability towards accidental Third Party Property Damage and/or Third Party Death/Bodily Injury and
  • The resulting Legal Defense costs and expenses

The following solutions are currently on offer:

  • Public Liability (Premises and Operations)
  • Product Liability
  • Workmen’s Compensation/Employer’s Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
family photo - Insurance broker dubai & UAE


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