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Car Insurance Quotations

Car insurance quotes are a dime a dozen in the UAE. You can easily get very many car insurance quotations on the web as well as over the telephone. The real value on a car insurance quotation though depends on how you are explained as to what you are buying. At ANIB, we give you a clear picture as to what your car insurance quote covers you against and what it doesn’t. We believe that this approach makes perfect sense because you shouldn’t be left in the lurch during your hour of need. Or should you be assuming that a particular damage is covered by your car insurance quotation, whereas it actually isn’t.

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We also believe in connecting with other human beings. We believe that nothing beats human interaction and the emotions involved, no matter how much automated we get or how many robots we have around us in the future. Your car insurance quotation is an opportunity to connect. To share the goodness of being human.

Call 600-5-25502 to speak with one of our helpful agents, or send us an email at contact@anib.com, and we’ll call you back, understand your car insurance quote requirement and send you a customized quote.


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