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KPCA Cricketing Opportunity

ANIB provides an exciting cricketing opportunity to three talented youngsters!

The ANIB/KPCA day was a tremendous success with international cricket star Kevin Pietersen, (KP) joining ANIB in helping kids to improve their cricketing prowess. Youngsters Mohammed Hanoon (15yrs), McNeil Noronha (13yrs) and Sidharth Tiwari (13yrs), students of the Millennium School, Al Nahda, Dubai, got the opportunity of a lifetime, to spend a few hours with Kevin and coaches Richard Logan and Dominic Telo. The kids got the chance to bat in front of Kevin Pietersen and got firsthand tips from the star batsman himself.

KPCA Cricketing Opportunity

If you wish to register your children or help someone you know to stand a chance to win an opportunity to meet Kevin Pietersen, send us your Name, Mobile number, E mail and the Name of the child you wish to nominate for the masterclass, to advantage@anib.com.

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