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From the MD’s Desk

Managing Director

Rajagopal Sukumar

Global Award Winner in Insurance

I am absolutely delighted to pen this note today and my mind just travels back in time to the days when we started off our operations. We had a vision to be a new breed market leader, be proactive, professional and innovative. We wanted to set a new standard and make the Insurance experience refreshing.

We have come a long way since, travelling down the roads of time and have grown immensely in terms of our customer base, profitability, staff strength and many more attributes. This of course is only the beginning!

At Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers, we endeavour to satisfy the requirements of our discerning patrons and strive continuously to delight them with our reliable service standards. We believe that the strength and integrity of a company dealing with Insurance, is tested during the time of a claim. We want our clients to feel confident and at ease that they are in good hands and will be provided with the best possible assistance during their hour of need. Countless customers have already experienced our professionalism and support, given us great encouragement, willing us to reach for greater heights!

We partner with the best to provide you the best! May it be insuring your Life, Car, Home, Yacht or any industrial/commercial insurance risks, we have the best companies in the region and a host of suitable products. As a special class Insurance Broker, we also wish to add some excitement to your Insurance experience, which is often labeled boring, making you reach out to us, enjoy and remember our relationship! We want you to feel at home!

A warm welcome again on behalf of everyone from the Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers team! We eagerly look forward to your patronage and hope that you will pass on the good news to your friends and loved ones too to experience the Al Nabooda advantage!

From CII, London

Please feel free to mail me about the Al Nabooda experience, suggestions for improvements and complaints: mddesk@anib.com

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