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“Commerce is as heaven, whose sun is trustworthiness and whose moon is truthfulness!”

Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers – A Success Story!

We at Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers, from our humble beginnings in 2007, have dedicated ourselves to facilitating comprehensive, tailor made insurance solutions in Dubai, UAE. If you are an individual looking out for a car insurance policy or a corporate decision maker on the look out for a group medical insurance plan, we have the expertise to guide you through your decision making process, by providing you with the right information, to help you make an educated choice. As professional Insurance Brokers, we believe in making your Insurance experience as hassle free, enjoyable and refreshing as possible. We believe in honest and transparent transactions and in representing our clients , to the best of our abilities. As a trusted and confidently recommended Insurance broker in Dubai, we set high benchmarks a make sure that we are there by your side assisting you ably during an insurance claim.

What we do?

We simplify and according to our customers, we are good at it. Why? We’ve got an immensely talented and well qualified team of insurance professionals. We make our clients clearly understand what they are paying money for and buying. We source suitable solutions, comparison, contrast and recommend. We disentangle the jargon. An ANIB insurance experience is not only about providing a customized solution but is also about assisting our clients during the time of an insurance claim. By dealing with sensible and practical world class insurance providers, we are able to represent our clients efficiently, ethically and faultlessly.

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Contact us 800 2642, or send us an email at contact@anib.com for professional insurance advice and a competitive quote.

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