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Yacht Insurance- To sail past torrents

Yacht Insurance

Dubai Marina; the perfect example to express Dubai’s passion for luxury, water and architecture. The International Dubai Boat Show 2013 was an absolute display of Dubai’s magnificent marine fleet. If you are one among those proud owners of sailboat or yacht, who is constantly on the lookout for adventure with the water world, then this write up is about you.

The reasons for which you bought yourself a yacht could be anything. Probably you love fishing or sailing or racing, or maybe you simply preferred a change of habitat. For an ardent sea lover, the sound of thrumming waves and wind in the hair can be the perfect state of bliss. But, when the poetical effect fades, you would also realize, that it is just you and your 26 feet long (or longer) boat. A yacht could have consumed a considerable pile of money from you, and a Yacht Insurance policy is not new. If you haven’t purchased one, read ahead to know what awaits your sail.

Few have the misconception that home insurance policies are generous enough to include your yacht under it. The answer is No! It could have been your exciting decision to turn your yacht into home. But, your home moves? Your moving car is insured, and that is why your moving yacht should also be insured. What benefit could it be, if a beautifully furnished yacht, with a brilliant horse-speed, was sadly wrecked in; one storm, a lightening stroke, an unexpected tempest…

Yacht-insurance-iconCoverage under Yacht Insurance: The equipment in your yacht, which may include; fishing gear, motor, trailer, etc., will all be covered against damages under your yacht insurance policy. Any damage caused to your yacht either during sail or while being towed or in the dock will also be taken care of. Your insurance will additionally cover the property damage inflicted by your yacht, on other’s property.

Yacht-insurance-iconMy yacht is protected against what? An accident and its impact is the same everywhere. If your yacht is on sail, think of every natural calamity on sea (storm, winds, thunder, lightning, etc.). If your yacht is safe on land or in a dock, do not be confident that you are safe from vandalism and theft.

Are these strong enough reasons to purchase insurance? If Yes, visit an insurance company at the earliest. If No, let’s hope for the clearest sky year around. Enjoy everything that Dubai offers. As much as it is fun to live it with style, it is also necessary to favor it with safety.
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