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Treating claims right. Medical Malpractice Insurance


We have all heard it, ‘Health is Wealth’. But the only time we recall the saying in contemplation and belief, is probably when I am the next one in queue outside my doctor’s clinic. The saying works for the larger public, let’s assume it’s the patients. Now how about the professionals; doctors, nurses, specialists and lab technicians? In this context, their health and wealth works differently.

The UAE is known for its high standards of health care. The expenditure towards the medical industry is higher in comparison to other industries in all of the emirates. With a reputation for such excellence, there is no room for error. Or, it is expected to be so. After the years of rigorous training, battles with examination and stringent evaluation; your profession in the art of healing and care is generously expected to be sparkling clean. If at all one finds, the smallest trace of malpractice… The consequences are not so pleasant, and hence deciding to skip and leap; we land at Medical Malpractice Insurance! The cautiously thought policy to cover your medical profession.


For convenience, choose any medical professional role you like. Going along with a nurse, let’s say; I’m a nurse who rushed in late, skipped a step on my patient’s routine and now my patient suffers next morning since I failed to administer his daily dose of medicines- Negligence

I’m a nephrologist who omitted the smallest detail on my patient’s X-ray and now I’ve had a happy conversation with my patient that he is healthy and free, when he is actually not- Misdiagnosis

A single pharmacist with too many customers. Just one day I misread the doctor’s prescription- Wrong Treatment

For either of these incidents your justifications and arguments to prove; ‘The first time in my many years of experience’, ‘It was a minute error’, ‘I did not intend to breach my duty of care’, and the like: works no magic before the claims of a grieving patient.

Making the entire scenario easy on the temper and the mind, Medical Malpractice Insurance offers to handle every claim that is against your service. Financial assets and authorization to practice is every professional’s treasure. Losing them at the cost of ‘The first time in my many years of experience’? Avoid it. Get past them with the complying insurance policy.

MEDICAL-MALPRACTICE-ICONWhat my insurance, can certainly do…


  • The claims raised against a bodily injury (or emotional or mental), resulted from a medical act. Here, the claim is covered for you.
  • Litigation costs associated with court procedures and statutory and regulatory inquiries. Insurance takes over this too.

Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, diagnostic centers, Para-medical staff, physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists… Medical Malpractice Insurance is designed to pay heed to your claims. Purchase the policy right away; safeguard your professional future in Dubai, practice with confidence.

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