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Just like to say a big thank you for the quick help & support I got over on the UT support forum. I have been able to do some tweaks to the header area and got the perfect layout for my needs with some excellent guidance from the UT team.

Jezspain, Aries WordPress Theme

Just a HUGE thanks to the United Themes team for being so helpful in their forums. For those who wonder why UT usually asks for questions to be directed to the forum, it’s because it’s much easier to track various issues. There’s a good chance your question was answered because someone else asked it. The UT team has been extremely patient and helpful for this non-coder. I’ve had to wrestle with a few things, but UT has been alongside me every step of the way. It really is a gorgeous theme and your website WILL stand out from other sites. I highly recommend it.

Aries WordPress Theme, MRMaguire

Hi UT, I work with the aries theme now 2 weeks to bring my portfolio online and I`m very happy with this huge theme – thanx very much, it is wonderful!!!

Der_schratti, Aries WordPress Theme