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Taking Responsibility with Liability Insurance Policy

Liability Insurance Policy

I run a popular business in Dubai. And thankfully my good sale days are many. Every customer is valued are so are my employees. My work satisfaction is 100%; the same response from the other end of the line.

A perfect example for a balanced scenario. Even if one piece had to fall, the building tumbles. Every businessman and employer has the most number of things on their to-do-list. Topping the list we find, ‘Get an insurance policy!’ (highlighted). If they abide and step into the insurance company, among the insurance polices that are tailor made for employers, the one that tops the list there: ‘Liability Insurance Policy’.

A valued and esteemed customer is a very important tag for every employer. And this is indisputably true. But, the good fact is that, your customers are smart. As much as their need increases, so has their knowledge in their privileges as a customer. More the employers appreciated this, greater they realized the need to be secured as service providers,  for one fault at their end can lead to a whole chain (of unforeseen) reaction.

liability_iconWhat are my risks as a businessman?

You provide service, which is important for the customer, irrespective of whether your business is large or small. A faulty product delivered to customer could be trouble. A faulty outlet from your factory that has polluted the environment means more trouble. For you to know the official terms for each of your liabilities, here is the list:

  • Public & Advertising liability
  • Sudden & Accidental pollution and Contamination liability
  • Product & Completed Operation Liability and
  • Employer’s Liability

Now this seems just a little threatening, and that is why we will look into that which will bring a smile.


Finally.  Your Liability Insurance Policy offers coverage for bodily injury, property damage, personal and advertising injury, medical payments on premises and operations liability. In case of lawsuits, insurers provide coverage for compensatory and general damages.

liability_iconMore to your coverage page!

The policy provides compensation for defending or investigating a lawsuit; court costs including attorneys’ fees, police report costs and witness fees, any judgment or settlement resulting from the lawsuit, medical expenses for the injured persons, etc. Here, insurers retain the right to defend any suit against the insured company arising from bodily or property damages.

This is what we call a silver lining. Managing a successful business or an industry or a company in Dubai, requires a whole lot of commitment and effort from owners’ end. Insurance companies empathize with your story, and therefore they suggest, ‘Any negative feedback or complaints? Leave your bag of consequences with us. Pick up your Liability Insurance Policy; concentrate on setting issues right.’

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