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Smooth Transit With Marine Transit Insurance

Marine Transit Insurance

UAE is famous for its oil wealth. The entire globe celebrates UAE’s oil resource which contributes to our fuel supply. The more we are thankful for our everyday’ s petrol and diesel, we also agree that life in an oil mine or even an oil tanker can be more difficult than what we could imagine. A vessel owner’s liability list is long, and it is a nightmare without hesitations. Let alone an oil tanker, life on a ship or vessel is capable of scaring away many. Year around spent in a ship, surrounded mostly by water might not be very amusing. Well why expect amusement, when you can’t expect help at all times for certain.

Life on sea can be an adventurous parcel. But, stranded is the word that many search to describe work at sea, and if your business includes a lot of trips to sea, kudos to your brave heart. The piling wealth and fame from a ship filled with cargo is a definite attraction. But, a ship at sea filled with cargo, equally attracts every last bit of danger. Sailing as a lonely victim of turbulent weather, rough sea, hijack threats, malfunctioning equipment or even hazardous cargo; your vessel travels with great courage. This was precisely the same hope with which an oil container and a tanker were sailing with a load full of cargo, not quite far from Jebel Ali Port. What happened next: they made it to the headlines. Flaming fumes from two colliding ships near Jebel Ali Port, with so and so injured, damage to these figures of cargo, etc. A pretty intense fire it was. Now what comes to the sympathetic public’s mind is, an insurance policy, specifically in this case: Marine Transit Insurance

Coverage for my ship includes the events

  • Risk of injury or damage to the crew, cargo and passengers either from a bad weather day or from a group threatening hijackers.
  • Theft of on board cargo or a mysteriously vanished vessel.
  • A careless mistake during transit because of which the cargo goes missing.
  • Vessel just sank deep down, eventually cargo loss as anticipated.
  •  Risk to your crew and cargo; whether it is a collision or pollution.

Immaterial of whether or not there was damage to your vessel and cargo, as the owner of a vessel or ship, you are naturally liable to bear the cost of every good and bad. The expense for workers’ compensation and all other liabilities might be huge enough to tire your company’s account. Nature’s ways are unpredictable, but financial loss from a ship on sea is preventable. Why say no to an insurance policy that offers to lift off some burden. Insuring your vessel and cargo with Marine Transit Insurance, efficiently covers the cost of any probable, unforeseen or susceptible damage that are possible during transit. Shop for the suitable policy, set sail with ease.

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