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Safe atmosphere with Hoteliers Comprehensive Policy


A peaceful vacation, the perfect room service, food that screams divine, a king size bed with the cleanest linen, fresh curtains on the French window overlooking a calm and serene pool… Exhale if this relaxes a tired body and mind. A luxury hotel in a city like Dubai and a very happy vacation can bring sunshine into any gloomy day. An absolute state of bliss! However the owner of a hotel or a restaurant may not always enjoy this, other than the dream building and furnished interiors. Thus, the solution offered to let them relax in their business and space is Hoteliers Comprehensive Policy.

Arguments to decide on a hotel for vacation or for dinner, ranks the highest in family disagreements. So when a customer steps into your hotel, their choice weighs much to both you and them. Competition in a field of business needs no introduction and in the hoteliers industry, it is a very tough race. So before your hotel was built, the months or years of planning that went into it would have been generous in consuming enough money and time. Any damage to this second home can hurt those efforts and dream, and this is why an Hoteliers Comprehensive Policy offers to handle each of those concerns on your behalf.

Covering the Hotel:

The risk of damage in your hotel or restaurant is maximum. Every person who enters to be served is a stranger as well as your dearest customer. If the meal isn’t appetizing, cooking skills at fault; if the bedspreads aren’t changed, the hospitality is rude. The days of appreciation and complaints would probably hit a balance.

hotel_iconThe risks that you as an owner would worry about, is definitely a long list. Natural calamities like floods, wind and hail (do not forget the once in a while earthquakes and tornadoes). Now, your hotel insurance would faithfully cover your hotel from each of this.

hotel_iconDamage to electronic equipment either due to fire, explosion or strikes will also be covered for you. The next purchase of a new laptop or printer or air conditioner can be done with confidence.

hotel_iconTheft and burglary is habitual in hotels, either it is money from your safe on premises or it is during transit. Broken glassware and cutlery, remains an unending issue. When there is an insurance to cover the cost spent on replacements and money loss, consider yet another problem covered.

Protecting my customers and myself:

The liabilities that an owner is entitled to, is on the first page of the rule book. Your customers’ safety in the building is top priority and standing right beside them are your employees. Workers’ compensation, Group Life and Accident Insurance are the other insurance policies to be purchased. Hoteliers Comprehensive Policy includes within itself all of the former mentioned individual policies, keeping in mind to minimize your expenses.

Holidays and vacations are a time to explore. Whether it is just one meal at a restaurant or a business trip or a week-long stay with family, you desire to provide the best for your customers and so do they willingly expect the same. If your hotel or restaurant is not insured yet, browse through Hotel Insurance policies in Dubai that are made especially for you.

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