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Professional Indemnity Insurance- Buffering your Profession


Business and Dubai have been friends for long. Dubai’s establishment was a gradual process but it’s  years of experience in using a professional head, has been many. Dreams and aspirations to own several degrees, a stable profession, a beautiful home, profitable assets and several other things, is almost every passerby’s dream. Feels like the moment when you look into the mirror pointing out, that’s me! Congratulations if the list is already yours. But, have you considered the possibilities of committing one fault, the most trivial error that you could think of while working on one of your business projects? If this nightmare came true, how do we plan on staying protected?  Worry not, even if this creates an unease, since insurance companies have a solution to cover your profession as well!

Professional Indemnity Insurance in Dubai, can be purchased and renewed annually, or you can purchase it for a certain period of time. This insurance policy, cleverly safeguards you at the most crucial point of time. Having the slightest trouble at work, can be bad enough for one day. Many such hurdles at the cost of my profession and reputation? Never!

Wake up! It’s just a nightmare

  • Assuming that you are an architect or an engineer who submitted a faulty construction plan. Your client suffers either physically or financially because of you. It is not a surprise if you are being sued for the error or omission committed during the conduct of business. Additionally, it is no surprise if you loose your money or professional licence during the course of trial. Now, if you had a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy, loss of money and profession can be covered for you.
  • If you have an accountant you has been negligent, and now your dearest client suffers for your accountant’s fault. Loosen up there, ’cause you’re insured.
  • Are you a lawyer or a consultant or a doctor, who has (by mistake!),  provided wrong recommendations or service? Clients and customers expect qualitative professional service from you and they have the right to do so. As much as you accept that, when the fault is yours the consequences taste the most bitter, don’t they?

Dubai expects all professionals to hold a Professional Indemnity Insurance. When everyone deserves their fair share of trial, it is safe to fall back on your insurance policy that faithfully waits to buffer. Majority of the professional falls happen due to; a totally unintended fault, the tiniest overlooked error, an unsought circumstance…We know this. We understand. We recommend Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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