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My Car Insurance Policy Protects Me?


CARS… The one commodity that has never lost its fame for luxury, pride and style: the car that you own. Needless to say, when you live in one of the most fashionable cities of the world, like Dubai, your car’s worth could be more than what you could imagine. Your car’s interiors, its build, speed, brand, etc., could now be a ‘Reality in Motion’, which was perhaps a dream during those many years of adolescence. Sadly in reality, those things which you might not quite enjoy, like; a car insurance policy, cost for timely car service, gas/diesel charges, etc., could be the mandatory added responsibilities. Not what you expected?

Well, moment of truth, this is precisely how the following years with your car would be. Want to know what to expect? Behold the list of ‘Probable Unpleasant Circumstances’:

  • CarNot using your car as much as you wish to use it, because you are afraid of unplanned expenses. Funny that this will start your first unplanned car expense- a spoilt engine due to dry unused fuel tank.
  • CarBad weather- Equals to- Flat Tire (or much worse, like a completely drowned car). This can be caused by floods, hail or anything you can recall from geography.
  • CarAccident. Either you hit an animal or you got hit by another driver. Collision in either way causes damage. The reason for this, let us say, carelessness on the road.
  • CarEnthusiastic niece or nephew or your family’s next generation is right now driving your car. Shall we think of the result here? Or maybe not…
  • CarSomebody stole your car! Theft? Kindly keep calm, we are just looking at the ‘Probable Unpleasant Circumstances’.

From estimating the above mentioned list, your chances of profiting from your car, stops with your prestige and luxury part. As for your loss, the list is still there. But, if you wish to be honest with yourself, would you simply ignore? Are you capable of brushing past huge expenses over your car that you might be liable to?

If the answer is NO, take a look at Car Insurance policies for your car, today! A car on the road could draw uninvited trouble, even if you may not wish to. Your Car Insurance policy in Dubai could cover the damages for each of the above mentioned circumstances. And the best part is, you can choose the policies which you wish to opt for. Insuring your car, is respecting the value of your asset.

Stay protected with the Car Insurance policies in Dubai:

Any damage to your car as a result of an accident caused by, both, an experienced or inexperienced/new driver, or by fire, flood, theft, riots, or any other natural calamity can be covered under your car insurance policy in Dubai. The medical expenses for those injured in the accident, including the passengers, will also be covered under your car insurance policy. How peaceful can it be when your treasured possession, does not necessarily have to drain more money from your account, than what you allow? Nice thought? Well, the car cannot do this, you have to. Purchase a Car Insurance policy for your car. Consider the best insurance policies for your car, even before you buy the car. Avert needless expenditure, spread the word.

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