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Living in Dubai? Home Insurance and priceless peace of mind anyone?


Everybody loves Dubai. It is not only a melting pot of different cultures but also is a dynamic and a vibrant city, that offers a better standard of living to every resident. Your home in Dubai whether rented/leased or owned, is your place of comfort, solace and happiness. You disembarked into Dubai with many dreams. Your home definitely resonates your thought process and paints an outline of your personality. Every aspect of your home is probably well thought out. From the stretch back sofa to the 50 inch LED to the smartphone, tea table and the corner lamp.

So, here’s the question; wouldn’t you rather protect the beautiful things you have worked so hard for, with a Home Insurance? Wouldn’t you rather consider Home Insurance especially when you know that it could only cost you as much as that cup of coffee you buy daily?

Surprised? Don’t be. The cost of a home insurance policy, compared to the many and mostly unwanted purchasing urges we give into in Dubai, is very low. Here are some more interesting facts that you didn’t know about Home Insurance in Dubai.


Home insurance in Dubai can be tailored to include electronic equipment including laptops, smartphones. Furniture, jewellery and high value collectibles are also covered. So whether you collect shoes, paintings or Harley Davidson motorcycles, you have priceless peace of mind.

Maid in Dubai? – no problems!

Your domestic helper can be included into your home insurance policy. Being legally responsible for the well being of your domestic aide, you will be better off doing this, so that any unexpected accidents and resulting expenses are taken care of. Not to mention state initiated legal hassles that you might have to face for your negligence!

Travelling? – not to worry!

Business trip or long holiday, a home insurance policy in Dubai will take care of your apartment and its belongings, till you return. How comforting can that be, allowing you to focus on your travel?


As you know, sudden fire accidents in Dubai are quite common these days. Even in the best and state of the art of buildings, unexpected fires have taken tenants by surprise. The infamous JLT fires happened during daytime work hours. Before the homeowner or tenant could drive back from work, the damage was done! Many unsuspecting residents were shocked beyond belief and were stranded without alternate accommodation. Many had to spend on hotel accommodation in addition to rebuilding costs.

A simple home insurance policy offers alternate accommodation in addition to covering your hard earned assets. Can you imagine the peace of mind the tenants and home owners of JLT who had taken an insurance policy would have enjoyed?

Question: Desperation Vs Peace of mind. Which one would you rather opt for, at approximately AED 5* per day?

The verdict, if there was ever a doubt, will always be in favour of having a home insurance policy. The question again will be, ‘do you have the financial power to bounce back and restore everything back to normal in case of an unexpected accident? If the answer is a resounding ‘YES’, you do not have to consider home insurance at all! You are one of the privileged few. If you are not in that niche though, a home insurance policy in Dubai is a very wise investment and will give you priceless peace of mind!

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