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Insurance In Dubai!

Whether you have just arrived in Dubai, or are a seasoned veteran of the city that never sleeps, you will be awestruck in admiration as to how fast and smooth the city operates. When you live in the country that proudly holds world records in terms of the tallest building, largest mall and the busiest airport, to list a few, you need to also give thought to securing your present and the future. You are sure to be driving the best of cars, and living in a lovely neighbourhood, but all of this definitely requires insurance.

Car insurance in the UAE, is mandatory by law and if you intend to drive to work and enjoy long drives to the country’s many popular destinations, in any of the 7 Emirates, you will need a comprehensive insurance policy. Finding the right insurance isn’t always as easy as it seems. You can do a quick Google search and probably get a few options on your table. We urge you to at-least look into the following few aspects when trying to get your hands on the best possible car insurance option:

1. Coverage – is your policy comprehensive? For example:

  • A comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages to your car and the car that caused the damage or the one that you drove into!
  • A comprehensive car insurance covers third party property damage, should the accident cause damages to someone else’s property
  • A comprehensive car insurance policy covers the passengers in your car for injuries caused by an accident
  • A comprehensive car insurance policy allows you to include your spouse or children, who have a valid UAE driving license, to be named drivers, so that they can use the car and be protected against unforeseen accidents

2. Geography – does your car insurance policy cover neighbouring Middle eastern countries such as Oman?
3. Reputation – is your car insurance provider a trusted name in the industry? There are many local, multi national and Takaful insurance providers in Dubai and the UAE
4. Claims payment history – more often than not, if the provider is a reputed name, the claims servicing and payouts, are quite reliable and straightforward
5. Premium – are you being charged as per the insurance market rates or are you being overly charged?

As we have mentioned, you will have plenty of options in terms of insurance companies and brokers in Dubai, to help you get the right insurance whether it is your car, home, life or office insurance requirements. Most, if not all companies, are trustworthy and have the customers well being at heart. Insurance regulations in the country are very tight and allow only the best to operate and provide for the insurance requirements of the residents of Dubai and the UAE.

If you prefer an insurance broker in Dubai to handle your insurance requirements, it will definitely help you save time and the hassle of reviewing each option and choosing the most suited. The insurance broker, once appointed, will source quotes on your behalf, and based on your specifications, present the best option. The insurance broker will also liaise on your behalf, during the unfortunate occurrence of accidents if any, with the insurance company, and help you deal with your claims process more efficiently. This service is provided by brokers to both individuals and corporate offices.

The right broker, is also able to get you a better rate in terms of your insurance requirements due to the strong relationships maintained with the companies they deal with on a regular basis.

If you need ANIB to assist you in terms of your insurance requirements,  please feel free to call us on 600525502  (or) 043121333 or e mail us on