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Keeping your child healthy

Stressing yourself out in trying to keep your child fit and healthy? Try the following most recommended tips.

1. Sufficient sleep – make sure your children get enough sleep. Children usually need about 10hours of sleep. Infants benefit from an afternoon nap too. Try a special ‘look forward to’ schedule at bedtime. Cleaning up, brushing teeth, sleep clothing and a story to top it all. We all want our kids to be happy at heart when going to bed. Avoid scary stories please!

2. Healthy eating habits and lots of water – healthy eating habits begin in the kitchen. Children are inherently curious about everything. use this curiosity to your advantage. Allow them to help you during meal preparations. The questions will automatically start flowing. it is a great place to share facts about food and nutrition whilst spending quality time with your children. make them drink lots of water. You got to set an example by the way. if you are a stay at home parent and still relying on Italian takeout, you are missing a golden opportunity.

3. Minimize junk foods – a cake slice or two on a birthday is fair enough. Do not make it a habit with everyday ice cream treats and other fatty foods. Obesity amongst young children is alarmingly on the rise. Being obese leads the way to all sorts of health issues.

4. Outdoor playtime everyday – take a walk with your children. teach them to ride the bicycle or ride with them. have a hearty laugh together. It helps more than you know!

5. Regular exercise – make your kids join a swim team. be on the lookout for what sport your children prefer to be part of. Remember, you need to set a disciplined example. If you love the couch to the tummy crunches, your child might follow suit.

6. A time to work and a time to play – set a time table for online games, web surfing etcetera. If you find it hard to enforce time laws, get a software that can do the job for you. E.g. www.EzinternetTimer.net

7. Keep smokers away from your kids – Asthma and respiratory irregularities can arise from second hand smoke.

8. Promote good personal hygiene – washing hands after playing outside, after blowing the nose, after using

the toilet etc are a few examples. Teach children how to sneeze or blow their nose into a tissue.

9. Clean minor cuts and bruises thoroughly and cover them neatly with a bandage

10. Do not miss or mess with annual medical check ups and immunization schedules. Check on your medical insurance coverage and make sure it is kept renewed on time

11. If kids are sick, do not force them to school. Make them rest well

12. Stress relief – talk to children everyday. They have to get used to confiding in you and sharing what’s troubling them. might be something trivial but lend an empathetic ear. the point is sharing without fear.

13. Safe and rational behaviour – as parents, it is your responsibility to teach kids to act safely. E.g. pedestrian crossings, seat belts etc.

14. In-home safety – beware of cleaning chemicals, sharp objects like knives, medications, sharp cornered furniture etc. Take precautions.