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Group Life Insurance! Two way benefit!


Being an employer in Dubai is reckoned to be an achievement. Along with this come additional responsibilities, where many families depend on you, either directly or indirectly. The well-being of your employees and their effective functioning, certainly contributes to your company’s growth. Now, if you are thinking about valuing their sincere efforts, you are without doubt on the right track.

For instance, let us assume this scenario that a Mr. A, works for a construction company and his work involves majority of time to be spent on construction sites. He is a determined, hardworking family man and his loving family depends solely on him for their sustenance. The weather was too bad one day, and Mr. A was stranded all alone amidst a tumbling construction. It was too late when help reached him. Adding worse, he didn’t have any insurance policy to have him and his family covered. How unfortunate! The silver lining here is the Group Life Insurance policy that Mr. A was covered with! Curious to know what the insurance policy did for him? Read on.


How can a Group Life Insurance Policy offer cover?

A Group Life Insurance policy is no different from a regular life insurance policy. It offers financial support to the dependents, when the bread winner has lost his/her life from an unfortunate accident or terminal illness or any other risks written down as per contract. It also covers permanent disabilities that have resulted from the accident. If you are thoroughly aware of the risk involved in your daily job, then why postpone this? Group Life Insurance, true to its name, simply covers a group of people under the insurance policy.

Group_Life_Insurance_ANIBA two way benefit? How?

The employee’s benefit is priority. But, the employer’s benefit is equally important, and that is what makes this policy unique. The insurance policy covers the employee, but the one who is accountable for the lives of all the other employees and his dependents, is the employer who runs that risk filled occupation. Relax now! As employers you have nothing to worry! Because this policy is tailor made to suit you!

Group Life Insurance can be opted to cover a group of 20+ employees. The expense for individual life insurance policies to cover all of your employees is expensive, isn’t it? A single master policy to cover them all, now how does that sound? Easy on those money bags and wise don’t you think?

You do not want to compromise on a life insurance policy in a city like Dubai, especially when you know what liabilities are on your shoulders. You also find it somewhere a little rough on your company’s bills? So why not pick this lot and make it comfortable for all sides. If you are convinced, do not hesitate, for your thought is right. For the saying goes, “Life Insurance offers a man the only way where he can make his will before he makes his money.

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