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Gear Up Those Wheels with Motor Fleet Insurance


 Speed!! The energy and power this word captivates, delivers thrill and thrill alone. Roaring engines and rising accelerators are enough to excite any vehicle lover. The roads of Dubai have met vehicles of all kinds and sizes. Some drive for necessity while others drive for passion. For some their motor fleet is business, for others it’s a display of power and investment.

Whatever the reasons or purpose might be, a machine always brings along its bundle of risks and complications. And therefore, in a cautious effort to protect your vehicle and you from unfortunate accidents or damage, you go ahead and purchase car insurance or van insurance or a motorcycle insurance. What if your shed now had, 2 cars, 3 motorcycles, and your business involved 3 vans, 3 haulages, 4 lorries, or any other count.

So, do you think insurance policies are necessary? *An absolute must

Want to purchase insurance policies? *I’m more than willing!

For the above number?? *Silence*

How much do all of those individual insurances amount to? Put aside that calculator and sit back while we solve this for you. We present Motor Fleet Insurance!

A Motor Fleet Insurance! What does that do?

motor_fleet_iconNo more sweating at insurance bills. Motor Fleet Insurance is just one policy to cover all your vehicles. If you own 4 or more vehicles, you can purchase just one insurance policy. Motor Fleet insurance covers all of your vehicles immaterial of whether they are a combination of cars, motorcycles, buses, haulages, taxis, vans, lorries, etc. Noticing the bank balance rising? We intend just that.

motor_fleet_iconRemove those reminders for the separate insurance renewal. With this policy it is just one renewal date. Sigh of relief? We wish for it.

motor_fleet_iconYour need could be different. You transport goods in your vehicle and so their risks are varied. We know this and so this policy covers for goods lost in theft or damaged from any accident or otherwise. Is that a happy smile there? We are glad.

Other than these special benefits, a Motor Fleet Insurance covers all damages to your vehicles. Starting from a troublesome engine right up to a broken windshield would be covered under insurance. For your questions on coverage for accident protection, the medical expenses, liabilities on you or third party, etc., there is just one answer. A Motor Fleet Insurance offers coverage for each of these. It covers a fleet of vehicles but does not forget the other inclusions. So, if your van refused to start this morning and your car’s stereo didn’t sound quite all right, now you know what to count on- Motor Fleet Insurance! Gear up those wheels, drive as much as you please.

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