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Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy. The right choice to safety

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

If each one of us was given the right time and place to sit back and contemplate on our business; thoughts and ideas would run wild. May be one of us would be thinking of changing those office wallpapers, and consider an expansion; while somebody else is thinking, ‘That’s just the right solution to yesterday’s problem!’; another one of us is grateful for the business or enterprise that he/she holds (a company in Dubai, is not an easy achievement). However, the common ground that each of the minds might hit upon could be, ‘What if I faced a very expensive financial loss?’, ‘What if I was betrayed by one of my employees?’ The probability that either of this may happen could be less. But if they do come true, relax employers! And be glad that there is Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy!

fidelity_guarantee_iconAm I safe from infidelity?

Yes, you are! What a relief it is to know that your business can be covered against financial losses in the event of a breach of trust by an employee. Further, when you have availed a Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy, your business and you are secure from monetary loss that you might have to suffer as a result of forgery, embezzlement, larceny or fraud, dishonesty or fraudulent conversion of money or money’s worth or goods by your salaried employees.

The policy pays the actual financial loss sustained as a result of the dishonesty or fraudulent act of the employee after adjusting any salary, commission, security deposit or any other money standing to his/her credit. The loss is payable up to the limit specified for the employee. You can take this policy if you have employees handling any goods and/or money with a system of keeping records of all transactions. Now, know more before you get ready to visit an insurance company.

fidelity_guarantee_iconI have bought a Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy. What next?

Hoping that you are convinced of this policy’s relevance and benefits, let us assume a scenario to make it clear what has to be done.

  • When you are aware that trouble called major loss of money has struck you in the disguise of dishonesty or fraudulent actions of one of your employees- You inform the police department right away.
  • Next on call is the insurance company. State the incident to them.
  • Protect the damaged property or the evidence which hold, with regard to the incident, until investigation starts.

The loss that an entire company faces because of one misdeed, of just one employee, could place the entire company at stake. Rather than trying to make any amendments to recover from financial loss, with the help of a Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy you will have the ability to reimburse the money which was lost. If you are one among those who strongly live by, ‘There is no room for risking chances in business’, then this policy is tailor made for you. If you think not, well, you will consider the benefits eventually. Business is tough. All agree that is true, but when it is your own race, the winner ought to be you.

Stay secure in your business from every end with Fidelity Guarantee Insurance. For more on the policy,
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