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Group Personal Accident Insurance

Type of Insurance and Cover

Group Personal Accident InsuranceThis is a personal accident policy for groups of company employees. Permanent total disablement benefits relate to the inability to attend any occupation or business. The duration of this non-investment insurance contract is 12 months. A comprehensive Group Personal Accident Policy can be arranged to suit your requirements by our experts and fittingly tailored to your budgets.

Significant features and benefits

Cover can include:

  • Loss of life
  • Loss of one or more limbs
  • Total and irrecoverable loss of complete sight of one or both eyes
  • Permanent total inability to attend any occupation or business
  • Benefits which can be expressed as fixed amounts per employee as an amount or a percentage of salary
  • World-wide cover throughout 24 hours or occupation only
  • Temporary total disablement
  • Loss of hearing, speech fingers or toes

Can apply to named employees or to categories of staff or simply to all employees

Significant and unusual exclusions or limitations

See Exceptions section of the policy for more details

  • Persons under the age of 16 and over the age of 65
  • Pre-existing physical defects
  • Injury from terrorism

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