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The Blue Zone!

Who doesn’t want to live long? by live long, i mean a healthy, independent and a happy life. Most of us do.

This blog is going to be the tonic that makes everyone aspire to enjoy the blessings of a great life. Having been presented with the chance to roam this beautiful earth, soak up the sunlight, dip in the ocean, smile with friends, love your family and do what you love to do as work, It is an opportunity missed otherwise, wouldn’t you think? Glad that you agree. We will embark on a quirky journey then. Facts, fun and life altering discoveries probably!

A question now. Did you know there are identified ‘Blue Zones’ – countries where people tend to live longer? I can see your eyes widening in disbelief and wondering what they do differently to live, longer and healthier lives? For some of us it might be quite obvious as to what we need to do different, but Let’s find out shall we?

The first of the blue zones we will be looking at, is Sardinia – a cluster of villages, in the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea, next to Sicily, and before Cyprus. Sardinia belongs to Italy. Sardinia has become famous for extraordinary longevity, especially amongst men. So is it genetics or lifestyle that helps them?

Out of the Sardinians, the ones who lived in the central region of Barbagia were a few of the longest lived on earth. as per researcher Dan Buetner, who travelled to the Italian island, the unique geographic properties of central Sardinia might be a contributing factor. The following is what he writes in his book – ‘the rocky and sun beaten terrain is not suited for large scale farming. Over the centuries, shepherding was the most suited profession!Walking five miles or more a day as Sardinian shepherds do provides cardiovascular benefits and has a positive effect on muscle and bone metabolism without the joint-pounding of running marathons or triathlons’.

Interesting fact isn’t it? More in the Blue Zone in coming weeks.