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ANIB – the brand!

It was a riveting thought in our minds. During the early days of the company, in 2008, both Managing Director, Raj and myself, sat together on many a day, late evenings, after work, and picked each other’s brains! This was even before a logo or a tagline for brand ANIB was formulated.

What should the brand look like? What are the key qualities that it should possess? How do we stand out from the crowd in a unique way? What are the colours that’ll represent brand ANIB? How do we connect with our target audience in a quirky yet reliable and dynamic manner? These were a few of the questions we asked ourselves time and time again, during our conversations.

And I should highlight the fact that I was conversing with a visionary leader. A man who understood the importance of building a brand for an insurance facilitator like ANIB. A man who realised that a brand connect with customers and the world, will be invaluable and transform into a competitive advantage in years to come. If not for my leader’s enterprising mindset, and the great opportunity I was blessed with to join a company that is infused with this calibre of corporate culture, my recommendations and ideas as a brand specialist would have easily fallen on deaf ears.

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We decided to keep things simple and straightforward. But wanted the brand to add colour and be refreshing, reliable and dynamic. We wanted the ANIB insurance experience, to be hassle free and reliable at the same time, with an element of quirky fun thrown in for good measure. Something that to date, is unheard of in the insurance industry of the Middle East. We did our market research. spoke to many a customer and a Dubai resident. We clearly understood the need to rock the boat a bit. With today’s communication overload and tip of the finger access to information, if we wanted someone to stop and take notice, we believed that we had to be strikingly different. And the message and brand experience, well thought out than ever before.

The above remains the brand philosophy of ANIB. This is the guideline we use to choose, initiate and successfully complete brand projects. No ANIB project is boring. On the contrary, it is always refreshing, colourful and quirky. We took the road less travelled and chose the likes of rock concerts to connect with our customers and prospects alike. We were part of the iconic Eagles experience in Dubai. Knowing that the 2012 tour would probably be the last for this legendary rock band, we decided to provide our loyal, music loving customers, an unforgettable and refreshingly colourful evening of music. Our 15sec animated commercial was featured at the Rod Stewart and Duran Duran concerts in Dubai too.

There was a thought flow for the colours used in the logo. Blue is the colour of trust, honesty and loyalty. The colour of the sky and the oceans. Green is the colour of growth and renewed energy. It is the colour of spring and well being. Reliability, being the most sought after trait by customers, when it comes to their insurance providers, the simple yet effective ‘Reliable People, Reliable Solutions’, was chosen our tagline.

We followed crowd favourites in select movies and designed two uniquely creative explainer videos to be played, before, during and after shows. The animated explainer videos, took a refreshing take on both individual and corporate insurance solutions. They were informative, educating and incorporated all that brand ANIB stood for in adding reliable colour to the insurance experience and to the industry.

Anib Cricket
Connecting the Germans and cricket was another first for ANIB when we joined hands with Porsche Centre, Dubai, and sponsored a team. The team, ANIB XI on Top, are indeed a top name in the region and are champions of many a local cricket tournament including the KCL, where Chris Gayle was the brand ambassador.

We reunited with Porsche for the GT3 Cup Middle East motor racing events. In brand speak, it was a marriage between reliable solutions and intelligent performance. With ANIB’s logo on the two Porsche GT3 Cup racing cars owned by champions Al Nabooda Automobiles, who were partnering with Lechner Racing, we were now travelling regional. The GT3 Cup races took place in the UAE (Dubai Autodrome/Yas Marina Circuit) and Bahrain. With our young drivers Jeffrey Schmidt and Zaid Askhanani taking to the track fearlessly and putting up a sterling performance in 2015 to win the championship, we are expecting year 2016 to be no less exciting.

Anib car racing
We had a uniquely footie themed outdoor media campaign running during the last FIFA World Cup. Intelligent messages communicating the importance of insurance, were sent out in true ANIB fashion. The campaign messages/visuals were lauded by the media circles of Dubai for being innovative and effective.

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Recently, we joined hands with cricket superstar Kevin Pietersen, on a long term partnership. The partnership with one of cricket’s most electrifying batsmen, allows us to touch many a deserving life, through the game or cricket.

ANIB, by joining hands with Kevin Pietersen’s charity, the KP24 Foundation, brought to Dubai, 10 talented, cricket passionate youngsters, from challenging backgrounds, to learn from the best. The all expenses paid cricket and educational camp provided select youngsters the opportunity to learn from world class coaches. This year’s intake had 4 youngsters each from India and Sri Lanka and 2 from Pakistan.

In 2015, we were also able to put a smile on many a cricket loving youngster at the Special Needs Foundation, Dubai (SNF Centre), by inviting them to spend an afternoon with Kevin Pietersen. The youngsters had a great time watching and cheering Kevin bat and a few of them even got the opportunity to bowl to the legend.

It is impossible to pen every project we did, in detail, but the above are a few memorable milestones and the ones that clearly delve into ANIB’s brand ethos.

Today, whenever I get the chance to have a chat regarding brand ANIB’s growth, with my Managing Director, or any of my Directors, it is a truly humbling experience. Through tough economic conditions, and as a very new entrant to the market and an even newer brand, we braved uncertainty and succeeded in launching many refreshing brand projects.

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We are still on the journey and have got a very long way to go but we’ve definitely reached a few milestones. We have achieved this due to a crystal clear leadership thought process and teamwork. Every department has contributed to the brand’s success. Every ANIB’ian has held up the brand’s values, no matter which department they belonged to. The truth of the matter is, each milestone and each victory belongs to every ANIB’ian whom am so proud of and to whom I am just blessed and humbled, to lend my voice to. I am confident that we’ll continue to sincerely belong and believe and look forward to greater victories together.

J. Daniel Jason
Senior VP, Brand & Media